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Hey, so I was thinking of cleaning up Rayman 2's page soon just like I did with Tonic Trouble, the biggest problem with that page is that there are a lot of fixes on it that vary in quality and many of them might have to be deleted. Some fixes have poor grammar that make them hard for me to understand, some use rather outdated methods, and a lot of them have different versions for DirectX 6 and Glide 2, but the recommended way to play Rayman 2 is with the Glide API due to better compatibility and more graphical settings. Also thanks for finding my Tonic Trouble page cleanups to be useful. :D

Deton24 (talkcontribs)

Well. So it was you who added clean up note.

I see it this way -

Whatever you don't understand, feel free to ask. We will rewrite it.

Whatever you find ungrammatical, feel free to write about.

Majority of fixes I do understand, or were written/edited personally by me. I'll explain you everything, and it will be rewritten.

I coming up with conclusion that, all those fixes are still needed in some cases, and despite nGlide being the best, we can only write about it, but without deleting other information.

That's among others because, sometimes GXSetup cause significant problems with changing API.

As for consolidating fixes, I'm looking forward to hear how you see that resolved. Currently I don't see anything wrong with latest workarounds written for game errors (since cleanup notice appeared). They are necessary. Still, they can be rewritten in some other form you propose.

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