Troubleshooting guide/Input problems

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Controller problems[edit]

Controller not detected[edit]

For Windows, many games only support XInput controllers (see XInput wrappers for workarounds).
For Windows, some non-controller devices show up as controllers, e.g. certain Razer products. Open the Device Manager, expand Human Interface Devices, and disable the "HID-compliant game controller" entry for that device.[1]

Constant movement or spinning[edit]

For games using DOSBox, edit the DOSBox configuration file and change timed=true to timed=false (if it is already set to this, try timed=true instead).

Button prompts are wrong[edit]

Button prompts may require additional steps even if the game supports prompts for that controller type. Some games only show generic numbers or keyboard keys when using a controller. Refer to the individual game pages for game-specific solutions.

Mouse problems[edit]

Windows 8.1 and later[edit]

Remapping problems[edit]

Can't change bindings or bindings lost on game restart[edit]

Many older Windows games (released around 2006 or earlier) require the Microsoft DirectInput Mapper which is not included with Vista due to IDirectInput8::ConfigureDevices being deprecated.[4] Download it manually to fix the error.