Troubleshooting guide/Input problems

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Controller problems[edit]

Controller not detected[edit]

For Windows, many games only support XInput controllers (see XInput wrappers for workarounds).
For Windows, some non-controller devices show up as controllers, e.g. certain Razer products. Open the Device Manager, expand Human Interface Devices, and disable the "HID-compliant game controller" entry for that device.[1]

Constant movement or spinning[edit]

For games using DOSBox, edit the DOSBox configuration file and change timed=true to timed=false (if it is already set to this, try timed=true instead).
If you wish to disable certain games from using devices, without unplugging them or otherwise removing them, utilise the devreorder utility to blacklist them from each game.

Button prompts are wrong[edit]

Button prompts may require additional steps even if the game supports prompts for that controller type. Some games only show generic numbers or keyboard keys when using a controller. Refer to the individual game pages for game-specific solutions.

Mouse problems[edit]

Windows 8.1 and later[edit]

Remapping problems[edit]

Can't change bindings or bindings lost on game restart[edit]

Many older Windows games (released around 2006 or earlier) require the Microsoft DirectInput Mapper which is not included with Vista due to IDirectInput8::ConfigureDevices being deprecated.[4] Download it manually to fix the error.