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Topic on Glossary talk:Surround sound

Outdated info about OpenAL Soft (makehrtf.exe)

Haikiba (talkcontribs)

The section Headphones > Binaural sound: HRTF > OpenAL has outdated information. As of OpenAL Soft v1.21.0, the utility referred to here as "makehrtf.exe" is renamed "makemhr.exe" and is now in the subdirectory %APPDATA%\OpenAL\makemhr (see commit 7c16b1e:

The section should be updated to reflect this, possibly with a note explaining that the EXE's name was changed.

Also, probably related: the operation in Step 8 failed for me because makemhr.exe couldn't find zlib1.dll — I worked around this by copying the DLL file from the alsoft-config directory to the hrtf_defs directory, but presumably someone more knowledgeable can provide a better solution.

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Kr0tchet (talkcontribs)

I also noticed that the download links for the "IRC_10xx" no longer works because it relies on FTP server that seems to be connected or something but failed to download, and not only that, none of the FTP software (FileZilla in this case) was able to connect either, however Web Archive works.

Anyway, just cleaned up the OpenAL section a little bit aswell.