Template:Save game cloud syncing

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This template defines the table "Cloud". View table.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

The purpose of the template is to quickly and easily present in table form whether online save game syncing is available and on which service. The value should only ever be true, false or unknown. All parameters can be appended with  notes to provide further clarification as to what is synced.

If the value for any of the rows below is hackable, it will be ignored.

{{Save game cloud syncing
|discord                   = 
|discord notes             = 
|epic games launcher       = 
|epic games launcher notes = 
|gog galaxy                = 
|gog galaxy notes          = 
|origin                    = 
|origin notes              = 
|steam cloud               = 
|steam cloud notes         = 
|ubisoft connect           = 
|ubisoft connect notes     = 
|xbox cloud                = 
|xbox cloud notes          =