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Table structure:

  1. Discord - String
  2. Epic_Games_Launcher - String
  3. GOG_Galaxy - String
  4. EA_Desktop - String
  5. OneDrive - String
  6. Steam - String
  7. Ubisoft_Connect - String
  8. Xbox - String

This table has 46,749 rows altogether.

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Page Discord Epic Games Launcher GOG Galaxy EA Desktop OneDrive Steam Ubisoft Connect Xbox
! That Bastard Is Trying To Steal Our Gold ! (edit) false
!4RC4N01D! (edit) unknown
!4RC4N01D! 2: Retro Edition (edit) unknown
!4RC4N01D! 3: Cold Space (edit) unknown
!4RC4N01D! 4: Kohbeep Edition (edit) unknown
!Anyway! (edit) true
!BurnToDie! (edit) false
!Dead Pixels Adventure! (edit) unknown
!LABrpgUP! (edit) unknown
!Peace Phantom 2! (edit) unknown
¡Zombies! : Faulty Towers (edit) false
.Age (edit) true
.EXE (edit) unknown
.fall (edit) unknown
.hack//G.U. Last Recode (edit) false
.Projekt (edit) unknown
.T.E.S.T: Expected Behaviour (edit) false
'83 (edit) unknown
'90s Football Stars (edit) false
'Member the Alamo? (edit) unknown
'n Verlore Verstand (edit) false unknown
"LIFE" not found (edit) false
(the) Gnorp Apologue (edit) false
《鬼畜战记:金坷垃传说》 (edit) unknown
【SCP】器関ノ彷徨 -The will of a single Tale- 第1部 (edit) unknown
*** (edit) unknown
∀kashicforce (edit) true
</reality> (edit) true
~necromancy~Emily's Escape (edit) unknown
★Fallalypse ★ Disconnect ❄ (edit) unknown
♞ The Tactics of War ♞ (edit) false
✌ Johnny Rocket (edit) false
$1 Ride (edit) false
€100 (edit) unknown
0 Day (edit) false
0°N 0°W (edit) unknown
0000 (edit) true
007 Legends (edit) hackable false
007: Quantum of Solace (edit) false
03.04 (edit) unknown
0Gravity (edit) unknown
0rbitalis (edit) true
1 ⛷ 1 (edit) false
1 Hit Kill (edit) false
1 Moment of Time: Silentville (edit) true
1 Screen Platformer (edit) true
1-2-Swift (edit) unknown
1-Bit Revival: The Residuals of Null (edit) unknown
1, 2, 3... Bruegel! (edit) false
1,000 Heads Among the Trees (edit) false
1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby) (edit) false
1/4平方米的星空 (edit) unknown
10 Miles to Safety (edit) false
10 Minute Barbarian (edit) false
10 Minute Tower (edit) false
10 Second Ninja (edit) true
10 Second Ninja X (edit) false
10 Second Shuriken (edit) unknown
10 Seconds (edit) unknown
10 Years After (edit) false
10-4 Indirect Contact (edit) true
10,000,000 (edit) false
100 Chests (edit) unknown
100 Seconds (edit) unknown
100 Years' War (edit) false
100% Orange Juice! (edit) true
100$ (edit) false
1000 Amps (edit) false
1000 Days to Escape (edit) unknown
1000 Stages (edit) unknown
1000$ (edit) unknown
1000xResist (edit) true
1001 Hugs (edit) false
1001 Jigsaw. 6 Magic Elements (edit) false
1001 Jigsaw. Castles and Palaces (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. Earth Chronicles (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. Home Sweet Home (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. Myths of ancient Greece (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: Australian Puzzles (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: Europe (edit) false
1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: France (edit) false
1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: Great America (edit) unknown
1001 Jigsaw. World Tour: London (edit) unknown
1001 Spikes (edit) hackable false
1001st Hyper Tower (edit) unknown
100ft Robot Golf (edit) false false false false true false false
100nya (edit) unknown
100th Black Market (edit) true
101 Ways to Die (edit) false
1010 (edit) false
101010 (edit) false
103 (edit) unknown
11-11 Memories Retold (edit) true
112 Operator (edit) true
112th Seed (edit) false
1166 (edit) unknown
11th Dream (edit) true
11号小镇综合症 (edit) false
12 HOURS (edit) false
12 HOURS 2 (edit) false