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Template:Infobox game/row/taxonomy/controls

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Category Definition Notes Examples
Direct control Directly control a single character at a time, usually using directional buttons and other action buttons to interact with the environment directly. MobyGames
Gestures Controls captured through motion controllers, gyroscopes or cameras. MobyGames
Menu-based Controls primarily through menus or an abstracted interface. MobyGames
Multiple select Control or selects multiple characters or units at the same time. MobyGames
Point and select Controls actions or movements of characters or objects through pointing and selecting. This can be done by mouse, controller or motion controls or other gestures. MobyGames
Text input Control through text input from the player, typically in the form of typed sentences or keystrokes. MobyGames
Voice control Controlled by the voice of the player or other sounds the player (or their environment) makes. MobyGames