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Template:Feature/row translation

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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

This is a template used to allow a dynamically updated list of fan translated games. See List of Russian fan translations for an example. It uses a custom value separator ("€€€€") to allow for custom linebreaks when needed (most obviously in the Notes column where <br><br> is used. It also assigns icons to show based on the {{{2}}}Template:Category handler status value(s). If only one value "fan" exists, then the template goes by the other values directly. If however the {{{2}}}Template:Category handler status includes two values, it first tries to determine which one is the first one (fan or official) and then assumes icons follow the same pattern accordingly.

The template is used in inline searches (see the fan translations category).

Related templates
  • Notes column includes both notes for multi-valued scenarios, where both a {{l10n/switch}} section is used for fan=yes and fan=<blank>. This field also doesn't seemingly follow the same expected pattern of following the order of {{{2}}}Template:Category handler status, so right now both notes are shown.
  1. **DONE** Handle n/a cases (BETTER! probably interferes with dual value cases atm!)
  2. **DONE** Handle dual value cases
  3. **DONE** Add newlines for the Notes column
  4. **DONE** Migrated over to use custom separator (€€€€) to allow for more control over the styling (adds supports for commas in Notes field without creating newlines)
  5. **DONE** Changed div abbrivations on the icons to match the intro template