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Series:Rekoeition Game

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The Rekoeition Game[Note 1] is a brand, referring to a series of strategy and Tactical RPG games published by Koei and later Koei Tecmo.

The series started with Ishin no Arashi. Not counting the remasters and re-releases, Taiko Risshiden V is the last game to use the Rekoeition Game branding. Sangokushi Eiketsuden was once part of the Rekoeition Game lineup, but was later excluded in later years.

The list below are for games that had been released on PC, primary Windows.

Rekoeition Game
Ishin no Arashi: Bakumatsu Shishiden 1998
Ishin no Arashi 2005
Uncharted Waters (series)
Taiko Risshiden (series)
Game Developer Publisher Released OS
Ishin no Arashi: Bakumatsu Shishiden Koei May 1, 1998
Ishin no Arashi Koei, Koei, Koei Tecmo July 25, 2005


  1. リコエイションゲーム in Japan.