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This form is for uploading images and other media; to upload game fixes and patches, see the Files section.
To view or search previously uploaded files, go to the list of uploaded files. (Re)uploads are also logged in the Upload log, with deletions in the Deletion log.


The current PCGamingWiki guidelines on images can be found in the Editing guide:

Embed uploaded images on pages

Embed individual images

To include an image on a article, use the {{Image}} template in the below form:

  • {{Image|File.png|Caption}} to embed the image with an appropriate caption.
Embed multiple images as part of a gallery

To include multiple images that are part of a collection, use the following format:

A caption is mandatory. The caption does not have to be lengthy, just a word or two describing the image.
Standard markup for placing files on pages is supported via the [[File:]] tag, but should be avoided where possible. Custom PCGW templates, such as the previously mentioned {{Image}}, should be used instead to ensure consistency across articles.

Upload form


  • File size lower than 16 MB.
  • Resolution lower than 12.5 MP (e.g. 4000x3125px or less).
    • While an image larger than 12.5 megapixels can be uploaded, no thumbnails will be generated for it.