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First release date
Latest release date

Game Developer Publisher First release Available on
Trackmania (2020) Nadeo Ubisoft July 1, 2020
TrackMania 2: Canyon Nadeo Ubisoft September 14, 2011
Trackmania 2: Lagoon Nadeo Ubisoft May 23, 2017
TrackMania 2: Stadium Nadeo Ubisoft February 27, 2013
TrackMania 2: Valley Nadeo Ubisoft July 4, 2013

Key points

Platform created by Nadeo to host TrackMania 2, Shootmania and QuestMania, in all their different environments.
Custom titles can be created and published by the community, consisting of custom maps or even entirely new game modes and environments.
Launcher allows switching between different titles on the fly, plus interaction between multiple environments' features for custom titles.
Cars from TrackMania United Forever have been added for use in custom titles as part of the Maniaplanet 4.1 update.[1]
Main menu showcases multiplayer channels that cycle through various titles hourly and are freely accessible for demo players.[2]
Steam releases use separate installations, which breaks game switching as it asks to relaunch through the corresponding game instead.[3]
However, once keys have been registered to the Maniaplanet account through Steam installation, the titles can be accessed through the standalone version using the same account.[3]

General information

Maniaplanet Forum
Player page provides advanced management including dedicated server configuration.
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