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-This page should contain a list of as many current PC titles that utilise the controller's features. -The current feature categories are inadequate, as well as incomplete, several games that have some version of dualsense support are not listed anywhere.


Create a miscellanious table that has columns for all the previous tables created, that contains an exhaustive list of PC games and what level of feature support they currently contain.

Games missing (Please add things to this list, because that's how people will find out if the game they're playing has these additional features):

- Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War - Fortnite - Rocket League - Hades

AC Valhalla?[edit]

I'm playing AC Valhalla with DualSense on PC and it doesn't seem to have any haptic feedback whatsoever, only adaptive triggers. Also, it only works if wired.

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship[edit]

Adaptive Trigger (can change the strength in control settings) and Haptic Feedback works.

Only tried connecting by wired.