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'''Project aim'''
'''Project aim'''

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Graphics API

List of DirectX 2-7 games
List of DirectX 8 games
List of DirectX 9 games
List of DirectX 10 games
List of DirectX 11 games
List of DirectX 12 games
List of Glide games
List of Mantle games
List of Metal games
List of OpenGL games
List of Vulkan games
List of WinG games

Project aim

  • Offer a complete list of games using Glide.


  • Add or update the |glide versions =  parameter in the API table.
  • References goes into the |glide notes =  parameter in the API table.
  • This list is generated automatically. To add or update entries simply edit the individual pages.

Total number of games: 4

 Developed byPublished byRelease dateAvailable onGlide versions
Adidas Power Soccer 98
CART Precision Racing
F1 Racing Simulation
V-Rally Multiplayer Championship EditionEden GamesInfogrames1999Windows