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vorpX cover
vorpX/Animation Labs
Release dates
Windows First release: April 27, 2013

Key points

vorpX lets users experience DirectX 9-11 games (and some OpenGL titles) on their VR headsets, with features that are tailored towards providing the best possible VR experience.
Supports playing 1st and 3rd person games, RPGs, strategy, adventures, sports games etc. either in a Full VR 3D environment or on a huge resizable virtual cinema screen.
Users can create custom profiles for unsupported games and store them to disk or share them through the vorpx profile cloud.
Experimental Users are able to use DgVoodoo 2 (not officially supported) for DX7/8 games to work with VorpX in 3D (G3D) and partly DX6/Glide (in Z3D with recent user profiles)

Profile Notes

Basic things to understand "VorpX Profiles" on PCGW

VorpX Profiles - contain settings that make a game 3D. A profile is required to run a game in 3D, without one vorpX will try to run it 2D.
Official profiles - are provided for every game on the official game list and extremely well designed and tested by the manufacturer. Official profiles are regularily updated.
User created profiles - are not regularily updated, issues may occur with version incompatibilities (Steam/GOG/Retail,ect.) or when dependencies like (DgVoodoo 2) for example break or change their software. You can report issues to profile authors through the vorpX forum using the link on the individual game page.

General information

Support FAQ
Supported Games(~341) Inofficial Gamelist(>900) (Note: Very newest profiles may become visible on off. list with delay)
Releases Latest Release: v May,08,2020.
Game engine crosschecker for vorpx profile creators. Inofficial profile requester for vorpx users. Inofficial user supported vorpX Wiki .

List of vorpX games

Total number of games: 2

This user created list is generated automatically, although this page might need to be purged before the list updates itself. To add or update entries simply edit the individual pages (see the editing guide for details), and change the vorpx related parameters to indicates the available support. hackable indicates a user-created/unofficial profile is available for vorpX.
For games that are not yet listed here as well as screensavers and other 3D applications that VorpX can also provide 3D for, see here.
Mode indicates the confirmed 3D-Modes that a game can be played with, where
  • G3D = Geometry Mode (2 Images Rendered seperately for each eye, best and realistic 3D experience),
  • Z3D = Z-Buffer 3D (where the depth of the image is calculated by the Depth Buffer of a game, less realistic 3D),
  • 2D = 2D on a Huge Screen, No Stereo 3D,
  • 2.5D = 3D charcacters in front of pre-rendered images or drawings, some Jump n Run games are still looking great this way,
  • SBS = Side by Side (Very rare games like Avatar can be run in this mode, realistic 3D),
  • DirectVR is a method used by VorpX to calculate and preset certain values of a game like FOV for example to give the user an automated and optimized VR experience without the need of tweaking ini's ect.
  • If you read G3D for a game only, does not mean other modes are not available, they only haven't been confirmed yet.
Report issues with official game profiles to the vorpX forums. For user created profile issues use the link of the profile introduction on the individual game page.
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