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GameSpy Industries
Release dates
Windows 1996
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Key points

All remaining GameSpy services were shut down for non-EA titles on May 31, 2014. The services for Electronic Arts titles was shut down a month later on June 30, 2014.[1][2] The service termination affected online functionality for most games using it.

Essential improvements

The following are third-party alternatives that emulate aspects of GameSpy services and might be used to enable online functionality in some games. Note that support varies between the options and games, so refer to the game-specific articles for details.
Third-party software Description
GameRanger GameRanger lists many GameSpy games as supported, but only over LAN mode over the internet.
An open-source clone of GameSpy servers. A high number of games are supported across multiple platforms.
Under active development in 2021.
The UniSpy Project
The goal of this project is to be fully compatible with the entire GameSpy network. It is currently at an alpha stage, and as such there are few games that work on it.
Under active development in 2021.
Modern Game Master Server Emulator Open-source emulator for GameSpy v1 master servers, although the project eventually grew past that original goal.
C&C:Online Launcher with stats and ranking Generals, Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, Kane's Wrath, and Red Alert 3. Complete guide
T3A:Online Launcher Battle for Middle-earth, Battle for Middle-earth II, and Rise of the Witch-king.
A cybersecurity researcher by the name of Luigi Auriemma have documented aspects of the internal workings of GameSpy over on their personal website. This is not of use for regular users, but might be of interest for other researchers or modders.

Games using GameSpy

Games using GameSpy technology for multiplayer. Some releases of these games may have been updated to use other services such as Steamworks (see the individual game pages for details). Most games can be made playable online with one of the alternatives.
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