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Alien isolation High FPS

Diegoelcapo1231 (talkcontribs)

Hello, I saw that you explain the problems that occur when playing at 100fps vs 30fps. But you did not specify what happens when playing at 60fps.

Audio is desynchronized at 60fps or behaves the same as at 30fps? Animations behave incorrectly at 60fps or work the same as at 30fps?

I suppose it should work correctly at 60fps since the Xbox Series s/x version works at 60fps. But I would like you to confirm if the PC version works without problems of animations or audio out of sync at 60fps

EternalEntity (talkcontribs)

Yeah, sorry about the iffy explanation. Funnily enough I was testing out some more this morning.

I may have come across the actual problem, which isn't necessarily a problem in itself. I at first thought framerate may have been affecting these animations but it might actually be the interaction prompt timing dictating things. I've noticed if I press the keys before the interaction prompts appear onscreen, the sliding bar on door clamps issue appears to happen. If however I leave the prompts to appear and the animation for readying the maintenance tool to play out and THEN press the keys, the sliding bar appears to animate correctly regardless of running at 30 or 60.

The android stepping outside of it's compartment in Mission 7 appears to be desynced regardless of the framerate on testing. So, it looks to have been a false report on my end that can be undone, so thanks for questioning me on that, I wouldn't have gone testing more if you hadn't.

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