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Stefan Nuxoll (snuxoll) is the primary administrator of PCGamingWiki's infrastructure.


  • Message me on Discord at @snuxoll, you can usually find me in PCGamingWiki's #development and #support channels

Outside PCGamingWiki

My blog has the occasional bit of useful information.

I moonlight as an IT Consultant/MSP/DevOps as a Service provider as Lithium PC.

Check out the code

Want to know how the sausage is made? You can actually find the majority of the code responsible for managing PCGamingWiki on our group. All of the scripts used to build our custom images, MediaWiki configuration, and Kubernetes manifests we use to deploy everything are available for the curious individual to peruse.

There's also a couple things still hanging out on our GitHub organization like the MediaWiki skins, but I didn't write those :)