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Idea: To include widescreen information from in all articles (ie. include on Sample Article) as opposed to being thrown in with notes in video settings such as here.

The following methods use Dead Space 3 as an example (PCGW) (WSGF).

Method One: WSGF Link[edit]

Less work
Looks tidier
Less information on PCGW itself
Relying on external website

Widescreen Support[edit]

WSGF-WS-Gold.png WSGF-MM-Gold.png

More information available on Widescreen Gaming Forum.

Method Two: Include All Information[edit]

Information on terms such as 'Hor+' would have to be added to the gaming glossery
More information without leaving PCGW
MUCH more work for something already posted to a dedicated website
Would clog up the page with information unimportant to some users

Widescreen Support[edit]

WSGF-WS-Gold.png WSGF-MM-Gold.png

WSGF Grades[edit]

Widescreen A
Multi-Monitor A

Support Summary[edit]

Screen Change Hor+
Widescreen Method Native
Hud Stretch None
Multi-Monitor Method Native
Multi- Monitor HUD Optimised
Ultra-Widescreen HUD
Rendered Cut-Scenes N/A
FMV Cut-Scenes Hor+


Base (Widescreen) Solution[edit]

For 1600x1200 resolution settings allow you to choose between hor+ and pillarboxed view.

Ultra-Widescreen (21:9) Specific Solution[edit]
Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution[edit]


Stereoscopic-3D Solution[edit]

By default using 3D Vision there is no profile. The game has some problems with rendering shadows, some point lights etc. Thanks to HELIX and the others they created a wrapper for the game which fixes the problematic shaders.

Tested also in 3D Vision Surround.

Link to the wrapper: [1].


Single Player[edit]




Stereoscopic-3D Anomalies[edit]

Problematic shadows and lights =====

Comparison Screenshots[edit]

Not included here so as not to upload pointless files :)

Method 3[edit]

Some combination of the both?