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Is the RT cheat table still functional on Steam?

TD07 (talkcontribs)

I tried the MS Store raytracing cheat table on version 3.410.860.0.HV (November 17 update) and it didn't work for me anymore. Asking if it still works on Steam, if not, the cheat table should be removed, or a note added that it doesn't work since the Nov 17 update.

D0x360 (talkcontribs)

It still works as of Dec 1 on Windows Store version. If someone else can confirm for me that it's not working for steam I'll update the cheat table to fix it.

Essentially you go to Forza Vista with RT off. Then you enable it and the bit that changes from 0 to 1 is the same bit you change during gameplay.

So I'll find out by tomorrow (Thursday Dec 2) and make sure it's fixed.

2601:191:8500:4A12:C5F4:75F5:209D:F822 (talkcontribs)

it works for me

TD07 (talkcontribs)

I must be doing something wrong then. No matter what I do, the table just doesn't work for me. All the pointers just stay "P->????????" and the values stay "??"

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