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I don't think this game does high frame rates. Even though frame counters report high frame rates, it seems/feels like the game (and its sequels, Black Plague, Requiem) skips frames down to 60Hz, even if the monitor is set at a refresh rate higher than 60.

An easy demonstration is to set LimitFPS="false", and FullScreen="false" and do Borderless Fullscreen as fullscreen forces a 60Hz display mode. The game should vsync to the monitor's refresh rate (or at least reported as so by frame counters), but instead feels like it's running at 60 fps.

Disabling Vsync both with Vsync="false" and force disabling it in the graphics driver control panel allows the frame rate to hit several hundreds but still feel like it's 60fps. Additionally, changing UpdatesPerSec="60.000000" to the monitor's refresh rate in the Physics section does not solve this issue.

I am not sure if this is HPL1 specific as I have not tried Amnesia nor Soma, however it is persistent across all 3 Penumbra installments.

I am using Windows 10, Nvidia graphics, MSI Afterburner to count frames, and a 90Hz monitor.

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