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Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

The {{Seriesbox}} template is used on the appropriate series page below the Series: namespace. Creating a Series:Name page is the same process as creating a game article, simply type in Series:Name of the series in the search field and hit Enter, and select to create a new page. Then follow the instructions that appears with the help of the below documentation.


{{Seriesbox/parent|My Little Parent Series|}}
{{Seriesbox/row|[[The Game]]|2000}}
{{Seriesbox/row|[[Game 2: Electric Boogaloo]]|2004}}
{{Seriesbox/row|[[Game 3: Not Game 2]]|2014}}
{{Seriesbox/child|The Electric Boogaloo Spin-off}}


See Series:Game, Series:Halo, Series:Lego, or Series:Lego Batman.

The table is where the actual information is stored. It consists of two or more parts:

  • The header. Besides holding the table together, the title of the sidebar resides here:
    (content goes here)
  • Main game row. A row meant for full game releases in the series:
    {{Seriesbox/row|[[The Game]]|2000}}
  • Child series row. Defines a child series of the current series, such as a spin-off series or subseries that connects specific titles:
    {{Seriesbox/child|Name of the child series}}
  • Parent series row. Defines a parent series of the current series:
    {{Seriesbox/parent|Name of the parent series}}

General rules

  • Games should be ordered on first PC release date (oldest to newest).
  • If an expansion is standalone (i.e. does not require the base game to function), it should be considered a separate game and listed as a full title.
  • Use the full title of the game when adding it to the list.
  • Some franchises are too large to fit onto one table (ex. Star Wars). Narrow in on what sub-series a collection of games follow.
  • A new game in a series should only be added in if it has been confirmed that it will be released on the PC (either Windows, OS X, or Linux).
  • While not common, fan games and major mods for a series can be added in if it is worth mentioning. Ask a mod before editing it in.

Common issues

  • Issue: Cover thumbnail is listed as text in the series table.
  • Solution: Refresh the cache for the series page (More -> Refresh).
  • Description: This is caused by PCGW not having generated and cached the thumbnail of the cover yet, which might take a couple of minutes. A refresh of the cache might help.
  • Issue: Game includes a cover that isn't listed as a thumbnail nor as text in the series table.
  • Solution: Refresh the cache for the game page (More -> Refresh), and then the cache for the series page.
  • Description: This is caused by the game page not having updated its cached in a while, so the properties Property:Cover and Property:Cover filename haven't been set for it yet and therefor the series list can't retrieve the thumbnail.
  • Issue: Game includes the series sidebar, but isn't listed in the large series table even after cache refreshes.
  • Solution: Verify that {{Series|xxxx}} is being used, with a pipe | between the series template call and the name of the series, and that a colon : is not used instead, and then refresh the series page cache.
  • Description: Mistakenly writing {{Series:xxxx}} with a colon ( : ) instead of a pipe ( | ) will result in the game page transcluding the relevant Series:xxxx page directly instead of going through the Template:Series. This will case the necessary Property:Part of series declaration to not be set, which will mean the game will not be seen as a part of the series.