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This template defines the table "Middleware". View table.

Documentation for the above template (sometimes hidden from view).

Table to list middleware used by a game.

  • physics - Middleware that simulates physics against objects in-game, e.g. Bullet Physics Engine, Havok, PhysX.
  • audio - Middleware that provides support for audio playback, e.g. FMOD, Miles Sound System, Wwise.
  • interface - Middleware that assists with rendering or the design of in-game user interfaces, e.g. Flash, FreeType 2, Scaleform.
  • input - Middleware that provides support for or assists with input systems/controls (keyboard, mouse, gamepads, etc), e.g. Object Oriented Input System (OIS).
  • cutscenes - Middleware that provides cutscene or pre-recorded video playback support, e.g. Bink Video, Smacker.
  • multiplayer - Middleware that provides the base of multiplayer support or assists with other aspects related to it (matchmaking, etc), e.g. Steamworks, GameSpy, Epic Online Services.
  • anticheat - Middleware that protects against cheating or assists with other aspects related to it (anti-cheat, matchmaking, etc), e.g. PunkBuster, VAC, Easy Anti-Cheat.
|physics          = 
|physics notes    = 
|audio            = 
|audio notes      = 
|interface        = 
|interface notes  = 
|input            = 
|input notes      = 
|cutscenes        = 
|cutscenes notes  = 
|multiplayer      = 
|multiplayer notes= 
|anticheat        = 
|anticheat notes  = 

These sub-templates consolidates the given input and automatically outputs links for well-known middleware.