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Epic Games Help!

Last week I emailed Epic Support a question about my account. I did some quick verification for them, and about 10 minutes later I received an email saying they can’t perform anything on the account due to suspicious activity. Puzzled, I decided to drop the matter and go along playing. “Sorry, your account is inactive and may not log in.” I nearly have an anxiety attack after fully realizing what just happened.

I politely email back asking how come I can’t log in, and I get a drop down list of information required for Epic to verify my ownership. Oldest receipt available, first display name, last 4 digits of CC used, you know. I understand that it’s protocol for any company to verify account ownership if the situation calls for it, but I feel like Epic is requesting information that goes beyond normal expectations here. It doesn’t matter what I think anyways, so I provide the data to the best of my abilities.

It takes me almost a week to check every nook and cranny, and I’m actually pretty proud at the amount of information I compiled. Somehow though, I keep get rejected, tossed around by different Supports (Ribbons, Warrior Papa, Mike Nebula, Unknown), and increasingly frustrated at this whole ordeal. I believe there could be a technicality error with some information, however the Support so far has not assisted with this. Is there anyone who could help me or put me into contact with someone other than bots, I would be immensely grateful.

One other thing I worry about is my Fortnite Crew Subscription. With my account locked away from me, how can I go about cancelling it? Thank you and God Bless.

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