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Table structure:

  • Game - String
  • Status - String
  • Platform - List of String
  • Release_Date - Date
  • Applied - List of String
  • Completion_Date - Date
  • Assigned - List of String
  • Notes - Wikitext
  • EncodedName - String

This table has 865 rows altogether.

Page Game Status Platform Release Date Applied Completion Date Assigned Notes EncodedName
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table 30XX unknown Steam 2021-02-17 30XX
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace unknown Steam 2021-03-23 Arkham%20Horror%3A%20Mother%26%2339%3Bs%20Embrace
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy unknown Steam 2021-01-26 Atelier%20Ryza%202%3A%20Lost%20Legends%20%26%2338%3B%20the%20Secret%20Fairy
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Balan Wonderworld complete Steam 2021-03-26 Dandelion Sprout 2021-03-26 Dandelion Sprout Code requested March 24, 2021 (GMG), received March 26. Balan%20Wonderworld
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Becastled unknown unknown 2021-02-08 Release to early access. Becastled
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Biomutant unknown unknown 2021-05-25 Biomutant
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Breathedge unknown unknown 2021-02-25 Release from early access. Breathedge
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Cartel Tycoon unknown unknown 2021-03-18 Cartel%20Tycoon
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time unknown 2021-03-26 MasterBlaster Review code requested March 18, 2021 (H+K Strategies). Crash%20Bandicoot%204%3A%20It%26%2339%3Bs%20About%20Time
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table CryoFall unknown Steam 2021-04-29 Release from early access. CryoFall
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Curse of the Dead Gods unknown Steam 2021-02-23 Release from early access. Curse%20of%20the%20Dead%20Gods
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse unknown unknown 2021-03-11 Cyanide%20%26%2338%3B%20Happiness%20-%20Freakpocalypse
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Cyber Shadow unknown unknown 2021-01-26 Cyber%20Shadow
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Days Gone unknown unknown 2021-05-18 KingKrouch Days%20Gone
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Deathloop unknown unknown 2021-09-14 Shadowstealer7 Deathloop
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Distant Kingdoms unknown Steam 2021-05-05 Release to early access. Distant%20Kingdoms
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Dorfromantik unknown 2021-03-25 Release to early access. Enhancement Project. Dorfromantik
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Dyson Sphere Program unknown Steam 2021-01-21 Release to early access. Dyson%20Sphere%20Program
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Endzone - A World Apart unknown unknown 2021-03-18 Release from early access. Enhancement Project. Endzone%20-%20A%20World%20Apart
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Erzurum unknown unknown 2021-02-10 Erzurum
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Everspace 2 unknown 2021-01-18 Release to early access. Enhancement Project. Everspace%202
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Evil Dead: The Game unknown unknown 2021-12-31 Placeholder date for 2021. Review code requested December 11, 2020 (Sandbox Strategies). Evil%20Dead%3A%20The%20Game
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Evil Genius 2: World Domination unknown Steam 2021-03-30 Evil%20Genius%202%3A%20World%20Domination
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Fights in Tight Spaces unknown unknown 2021-02-24 Release to early access. Fights%20in%20Tight%20Spaces
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Gal*Gun Returns complete Steam 2021-02-12 KingKrouch 2021-02-10 KingKrouch Review code requested February 5, 2021 (PQube), received February 8. Gal%2AGun%20Returns
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Genesis Noir unknown 2021-03-26 Enhancement Project. Genesis%20Noir
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Guilty Gear Strive unknown Steam 2021-06-11 Guilty%20Gear%20Strive
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Hellish Quart unknown unknown 2021-02-16 Release to early access. Hellish%20Quart
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Hitman 3 unknown Epic Games Store 2021-01-20 Hitman%203
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Hood: Outlaws & Legends unknown unknown 2021-05-10 Hood%3A%20Outlaws%20%26%2338%3B%20Legends
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Humankind unknown unknown 2021-08-17 Humankind
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator unknown unknown 2021-05-13 Hundred%20Days%20-%20Winemaking%20Simulator
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table HuniePop 2: Double Date unknown unknown 2021-02-08 HuniePop%202%3A%20Double%20Date
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table It Takes Two unknown unknown 2021-03-26 It%20Takes%20Two
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Just Die Already unknown unknown 2021-05-20 Just%20Die%20Already
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX complete Epic Games Store 2021-03-30 Fayaine 2021-04-02 Fayaine Purchased using PCGamingWiki funds. Kingdom%20Hearts%20HD%201.5%20%2B%202.5%20ReMIX
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue unknown Epic Games Store 2021-03-30 Fayaine Kingdom%20Hearts%20HD%202.8%20Final%20Chapter%20Prologue
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Kingdom Hearts III unknown Epic Games Store 2021-03-30 Fayaine Kingdom%20Hearts%20III
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory unknown Epic Games Store 2021-03-30 Fayaine Kingdom%20Hearts%20Melody%20of%20Memory
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Knight Squad 2 available Steam 2021-04-14 Review code received April 9, 2021 (IndieBoost). Knight%20Squad%202
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Knockout City unknown unknown 2021-05-21 Knockout%20City
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table League of Maidens not available Steam 2021-02-25 Release to early access. Free to play. League%20of%20Maidens
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Life Is Strange: True Colors unknown Steam 2021-09-10 Life%20Is%20Strange%3A%20True%20Colors
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Little Nightmares II unknown unknown 2021-02-10 Little%20Nightmares%20II
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Loop Hero unknown 2021-03-04 Enhancement Project. Loop%20Hero
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Lost Words: Beyond the Page available Steam 2021-04-06 Review code received April 9, 2021 (IndieBoost). Lost%20Words%3A%20Beyond%20the%20Page
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Lust from Beyond unknown Steam 2021-03-11 Lust%20from%20Beyond
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Mass Effect Legendary Edition assigned Origin 2021-05-14 Shadowstealer7 Shadowstealer7 Review code requested May 7, 2021 (fortyseven), received and assigned May 13. Mass%20Effect%20Legendary%20Edition
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Mech Mechanic Simulator unknown Steam 2021-03-25 Mech%20Mechanic%20Simulator
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Mind Scanners available unknown 2021-05-20 Review code received May 12, 2021 (Brave At Night). Mind%20Scanners
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Mr. Prepper unknown Steam 2021-03-18 Mr.%20Prepper
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Narita Boy unknown unknown 2021-03-30 Narita%20Boy
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Nebuchadnezzar unknown unknown 2021-02-17 Nebuchadnezzar
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Necromunda: Hired Gun unknown unknown 2021-06-01 Necromunda%3A%20Hired%20Gun
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table NieR Replicant complete Steam 2021-04-23 Fayaine 2021-04-28 Fayaine Code requested April 21, 2021 (GMG), received and allocated April 23. NieR%20Replicant
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Nioh 2: The Complete Edition complete Steam 2021-02-05 Shadowstealer7 2021-02-05 Shadowstealer7 Review code requested January 19, 2021 (Renaissance), received January 29. Nioh%202%3A%20The%20Complete%20Edition
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Oddworld: Soulstorm complete Epic Games Store 2021-04-06 MasterBlaster 2021-04-06 MasterBlaster Review code requested April 2, 2021 (Oddworld Inhabitants, Redner PR), received and assigned April 5. Oddworld%3A%20Soulstorm
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Outriders unknown unknown 2021-04-01 Outriders
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Paradise Lost unknown unknown 2021-03-24 Paradise%20Lost
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Persona 5 Strikers complete Steam 2021-02-23 Shadowstealer7 Fayaine 2021-02-22 Shadowstealer7 Review code requested February 10, 2021 (Sega). Deluxe Edition purchased with Gamesplanet funds for early coverage. Persona%205%20Strikers
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Redout: Space Assault unknown Steam 2021-01-22 Redout%3A%20Space%20Assault
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Resident Evil Village assigned Steam 2021-05-07 Fayaine Fayaine Review code requested May 1, 2021, declined (Capcom, Lick PR). Purchased with Gamesplanet funds and assigned on May 7. Resident%20Evil%20Village
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Rhythm Doctor unknown Steam 2021-02-26 Release to early access. Rhythm%20Doctor
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Riders Republic unknown unknown 2021-12-31 Placeholder date for "later this year". Riders%20Republic
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos unknown Steam 2021-02-23 Rogue%20Heroes%3A%20Ruins%20of%20Tasos
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Rustler unknown Steam 2021-02-18 Release to early access. Rustler
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Scarlet Nexus unknown Steam 2021-06-25 Scarlet%20Nexus
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Scavengers not available unknown 2021-05-01 Free-to-play release to early access. Scavengers
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition complete Ubisoft Connect 2021-01-14 MasterBlaster Review code requested January 6, 2021 (Ubisoft), received January 12. Scott%20Pilgrim%20vs.%20The%20World%3A%20The%20Game%20-%20Complete%20Edition
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster unknown Steam 2021-05-25 MasterBlaster Shin%20Megami%20Tensei%20III%20Nocturne%20HD%20Remaster
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Siege Survival: Gloria Victis unknown unknown 2021-05-18 Siege%20Survival%3A%20Gloria%20Victis
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Skul: The Hero Slayer unknown Steam 2021-01-21 Release from early access. Skul%3A%20The%20Hero%20Slayer
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 unknown Steam 2021-06-04 Sniper%3A%20Ghost%20Warrior%20Contracts%202
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Spacebase Startopia unknown unknown 2021-03-26 Spacebase%20Startopia
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Stronghold: Warlords available Steam 2021-03-09 Review code requested January 10, 2021 (Evolve), received March 1. Stronghold%3A%20Warlords
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Subnautica: Below Zero unknown unknown 2021-05-14 Release from early access. Subnautica%3A%20Below%20Zero
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Subverse unknown Steam 2021-03-26 Release to early access. Subverse
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Tales of Arise unknown Steam 2021-09-10 Tales%20of%20Arise
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table TaleSpire unknown Steam 2021-04-14 Release to early access. TaleSpire
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles unknown Steam 2021-07-27 The%20Great%20Ace%20Attorney%20Chronicles
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Hand of Merlin unknown unknown 2021-05-11 Release to early access. The%20Hand%20of%20Merlin
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV complete Steam 2021-04-09 MasterBlaster 2021-04-24 MasterBlaster Review code requested April 5, 2021 (NIS America), received April 9 and assigned April 14. First covered by Fayaine at own initiative, expanded and verified by MasterBlaster. The%20Legend%20of%20Heroes%3A%20Trails%20of%20Cold%20Steel%20IV
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Medium unknown unknown 2021-01-28 The%20Medium
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Shore available Steam 2021-02-19 The%20Shore
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Slormancer unknown 2021-04-06 Release to early access. Enhancement Project. The%20Slormancer
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table The Tenants unknown 2021-03-25 Release to early access. Enhancement Project. The%20Tenants
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Total War: Rome Remastered unknown Steam 2021-04-29 Total%20War%3A%20Rome%20Remastered
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Valheim unknown Steam 2021-02-02 Release to early access. Valheim
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Voxel Tycoon unknown unknown 2021-04-15 Release to early access. Voxel%20Tycoon
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground unknown Steam 2021-05-27 Warhammer%20Age%20of%20Sigmar%3A%20Storm%20Ground
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood complete Epic Games Store 2021-02-04 Rose 2021-02-04 Rose Review code requested January 31, 2021 (Dead Good Media), received February 1. Rose created FOV fix. Werewolf%3A%20The%20Apocalypse%20-%20Earthblood
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Yakuza 3 Remastered unknown unknown 2021-01-28 Fayaine Review code requested January 19, 2021 (Sega, Cosmocover, One PR, BOPE, Indigo Pearl). Yakuza%203%20Remastered
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Yakuza 4 Remastered unknown unknown 2021-01-28 Fayaine Review code requested January 19, 2021 (Sega, Cosmocover, One PR, BOPE, Indigo Pearl). Yakuza%204%20Remastered
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Yakuza 5 Remastered unknown unknown 2021-01-28 Fayaine Review code requested January 19, 2021 (Sega, Cosmocover, One PR, BOPE, Indigo Pearl). Yakuza%205%20Remastered
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table Yakuza 6: The Song of Life complete Steam 2021-03-25 Fayaine 2021-03-26 Fayaine Purchased with Gamesplanet funds on March 25, 2021. Yakuza%206%3A%20The%20Song%20of%20Life
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table/2019 198X complete Steam 2019-06-20 Aemony Aemony Review code requested June 6, 2019 (Hi-Bit Studios). 198X
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table/2019 A Plague Tale: Innocence complete Steam 2019-05-14 Aemony Expack3 2019-05-19 Aemony Review code received (Koch Media). A%20Plague%20Tale%3A%20Innocence
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table/2019 Afterparty not available Epic Games Store 2019-10-29 Review code requested October 19, 2019 (Night School Studio). Afterparty
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table/2019 Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition available unknown 2019-11-14 Review code requested November 9, 2019 (Edelman), received November 27, 2019. Age%20of%20Empires%20II%3A%20Definitive%20Edition
PCGamingWiki:Assignments/Table/2019 Age of Wonders: Planetfall complete 2019-08-06 2019-08-12 Completed by multiple editors as part of the Enhancement Project. Age%20of%20Wonders%3A%20Planetfall