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PCGamingWiki:Moderation noticeboard

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Welcome to the PCGamingWiki Moderation noticeboard: this page's purpose is for PCGamingWiki users to log dispute Topics in its Talk page. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Disputes that arise from users breaking rules as stated in the Code of conduct or the Editing guide.
  • Includes activity on the Wiki, Community or Discord.
  • Applies to users and Staff.

To log a dispute, create a new Topic within Moderation noticeboard.

  • Topic name: [[User:Username/IP]]
  • User: [[User:Username]] [[User_talk:Username]]
  • Offense: Cite the specific Code of conduct rules broken
  • Diffs: Link to specific diffs
  • (Moderators only) Result: Pending or list delivered punishments/outcomes, any ban 'reason' should link to the Moderation noticeboard Topic.


  • Please quote the specific rules that have been broken.
  • Include 'diffs' in question. Diffs can be found on an article by clicking the 'History' tab on any article, and then direct linking the 'date/time' link of the offending change.
  • Moderators will edit Topics so that this format is kept consistent.


  1. Moderator will reply with acknowledgement on the Moderation noticeboard.
  2. Moderators will discuss internally.
  3. To prevent further damage:
    1. Article may be locked.
    2. Users involved may be temporarily banned.
  4. A decision will be arrived at by at least two or more Moderators, and a conclusion will be made in the reply.
  5. Discussion can be made in the #moderation-noticeboard on Discord, do not directly message Moderators on the Wiki or on Discord regarding any moderation issue. Persistent messages or harrassment against Moderators will be punished.


Not happy with the result? Message Andytizer to appeal.


See BlockList for banned users.