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Kinect 2 for Windows
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Key points

Non-existent native support for major games; only small test and demo games were ever released for it.
Kinects that were sold in "Kinect for Xbox" sets, require separate USB adapters to be connected to PC, which were included in the "Kinect for Windows" sets.
No support for Linux or macOS in any known way.

Controller versions[edit]

  • Kinect - Designed with the Xbox 360 in mind.
  • Kinect for Windows - Much the same as V1, but with an added Near Mode and better internal components.
  • Kinect 2.0 / Kinect 2 for Windows - Designed with Xbox One and Windows 8 in mind.

Use with PC platforms[edit]


Native support[edit]

Very few PC games were designed with the Kinect in mind; most of the few that do exist, can be found at or Mixxus Studio.
Drivers for such use are included in the Kinect Software Development Kit 2.0. Newest version for Windows 7 is SDK 1.8, which does not support Kinect 2.


Intended for VR games.
Supports body tracking for most VR tools (e.g. Oculus, Index, Vive) and controller tracking emulation for Vive.[1]
Not free of charge.


Intended for VR games.
Only supports hand and foot tracking, to reduce the complexity and CPU usage.
Only supports Windows 10.
It does not recommend pairing a Kinect 2 with Vive or Index, due to tracking light interference.


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