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Controller:Amazon Luna Controller

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Amazon Luna Controller
Amazon Luna Controller cover
XInput support
Connection method
USB-C, Bluetooth
Amazon Fire TV Game Controller
Amazon Luna Controller on Wikipedia

Key points

No rechargeable battery, slot for two AA batteries.
Low-friction thumbsticks.
Controllers can be used wired connections (via USB-C) or wirelessly with the Bluetooth connection (v. 5.0).
LED to display controller connectivity status, low battery indicator, and software updates.
Vibration motors for tactile feedback during gameplay.
For wired gameplay on PC and Mac using USB-C cable (sold separately).

General information

Amazon Luna landing page
Controller's Drivers


  • 2 × clickable analog sticks: L3, R3
  • 2 × analog triggers: LT, RT
  • 2 × digital shoulder buttons: LB, RB
  • 8 × digital action buttons: 𝐀, 𝐁, 𝐗, 𝗬, ʜᴏᴍᴇ, ○ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ, Ⲷ ᴍᴇɴᴜ, 🎤︎ ᴍɪᴄʀᴏᴘʜᴏɴᴇ (known as ᴀʟᴇxᴀ ᴘᴜsʜ ᴛᴏ ᴛᴀʟᴋ)[1]
  • 4 × digital directional buttons (d-pad): , , ,


Use with PC platforms


Connecting the controller should automatically recognize device as DirectInput controller. After installing official a separate driver controller can be used as Xinput device.[2]
Steam application is converting generic DirectInput devices into a widely recognized Xinput format without necessity of installing additional Amazon driver. Experimental support for the Amazon Luna Controller connected via Bluetooth has been added with beta update at July 7th.

XInput wrapping

Being a DirectInput controller, it's possible to use any of the generic wrappers. See the controller article for those.


This controller is "Plug and Play" on most distributions of Linux (requires Linux kernel version 5.13 or newer)


Steam Input

Works via USB cable and over Bluetooth.[3]

Steam Link compatibility

Works without any drivers on any operating system that supports Steam.
Can be used just to send input from a controller to a PC. Go into Streaming options, hit 𝗬 and disable video and audio streaming.
Won't work great unless the streaming device is connected to LAN or a low latency Wi-Fi.

Support in games

PC games that support the XInput standard are supported.

Games with microphone support

Games with implemented voice chat are able to use controller's microphone, but microphone support for Amazon Luna Controller is not implemented yet.
VoiceBot and VoiceAttack allows to control games and applications by voice commands.
List of games that support microphone control

Games with XInput button prompts

List of games with Xbox button prompts

Other information

Technical information

Controller button Button label and axis
Left stick X-axis, Y-axis
Right stick X-rotation, Z-rotation
Home button
D-pad up POV up
D-pad down POV down
D-pad left POV left
D-pad right POV right