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Andytizer (talkcontribs)

Hi many thanks for contributing to the wiki and adding reception scores. I just wanted to check you are aware you may be adding IGDB user scores rather than critic scores - please take a look at our updated Editing guide.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

In an attempt to bring focus to the issue, I've issued a temporary 1 hour ban to your account. I'm currently in the process of correcting all of the pages to the critics score from IGDB instead of the currently listed member ratings score of IGDB.

PCFPCGW (talkcontribs)

I see. Thank you so much for correcting me and I'm sorry for any confusion this caused

Aemony (talkcontribs)

Thank you, I've removed the block again.

Aemony (talkcontribs)

I went through the last few pages that I hadn't gone through yet, so I believe all of the previous pages have been corrected now. Feel free to continue to add the correct IGDB score on new pages :)

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