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Infogram (talkcontribs)

A new NVIDIA hotfix driver was released today which is supposed to help with stuttering in Vulkan mode - though really after the latest game update (also released today) the stutter seemed to be mostly gone already, maybe it can still help somehow.

As this is a hotfix it doesn't show up on the NVIDIA driver search / GeForce Experience / etc, seems it can only be found on the support page they posted it: hxxps://

Might be worth mentioning it in the article, since it'd be pretty hard to find otherwise.

Rose (talkcontribs)

Thanks. That is now done. Could you check whether it solves any of the issues known to you or experienced by you, then do a quick search on reddit or any other places you know of, and remove the instructions that are no longer necessary? Keeping notes of updates for a while is still important but it's best to clean up the article to give more visibility to any of the outstanding issues and applicable fixes.

Rose (talkcontribs)
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