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Hi. Please try to verify content and provide references for information that is likely to be questioned by others. Making edits based on assumptions, however reasonable, should be avoided.

  • This addition to The Outer Worlds did not add value to the existing information on the one-year exclusivity - the date of release was already in the infobox, and it wouldn't take a lot for any reader to count a year from that and come to a similar conclusion as yours. It is a good idea to provide exact dates, but those should be based on official statements or other credible sources.
  • This change to the release year of Super Meat Boy Forever and your note explaining it as a 2019 release being "unlikely" did not have a source or a way for others to verify the claim. As reasonably unlikely as it may be, the official website still has the year as 2019 and the Epic Games Store page has no release date.
  • This change to the release date of The 11th Hour was actually a step in the right direction, as the Wikipedia page and GOG pages do point at a December release, but GOG has it as December 13 and the Wikipedia source simply has it as December. Where did December 1 come from?
  • This addition to Rune II appeared to have been a guess as well, as there were no similar statements in the official announcement. You seeing it in the end was a good sign!

I hope this helps in identifying the problem and striving to do better.

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Solarstrike (talkcontribs)

Ah, I see. I'll keep that in mind.

Now as for my thought process behind those edits:

* Lots of people were (and some still are) angry at the Epic exclusivity deal, so I figured I'd throw those guys a bone with telling what the Steam release date was, and expect some mental detective work to be done when people see it. Perhaps I overestimated folks' capacity?
* Considering that we only have a few weeks of November left, and for some reason (my thoughts this time) many (but not all!) game publishers treat December like the black plague as it's after Black Friday; I just presumed it wasn't going to make 2019 with those expectations.
* For the longest time, the original date was listed as November 30, (in fact, even the WP article had it set on that date as well until it was changed recently) so with December 1 being the date next to Nov. 30, I figured it was a reasonable guess. I did not know about the GOG date being the 13th however. (just changed the article to that)
* That one's on me, I just saw the two connected and didn't engage my brain until after the fact.

As my most recent quest is to hunt out accurate release dates, I'll try to keep a note of accountability in the future. Dearest apologies.

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