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Nicereddy (talkcontribs)

Just figured I'd give you the heads up that the template you're using is slightly outdated. The Cloud Syncing template was updated to this:

===[[Save game cloud syncing]]===
{{Save game cloud syncing
|origin                = 
|origin notes          = 
|steam cloud           = 
|steam cloud notes     = 
|uplay                 = 
|uplay notes           = 
|gamesave manager      = 
|gamesave manager notes= 

The system requirements template was also updated slightly:

==System requirements==
{{System requirements
|OSfamily = Windows

|minOS    = 
|minproc  = 
|minRAM   = 
|minHD    = 
|minGPU   = 
|minVRAM  = 

|recOS    = 
|recproc  = 
|recRAM   = 
|recHD    = 
|recGPU   = 
|recVRAM  = 

Also, some sections still have spaces between them in the syntax, they should look like ==Availability== rather than == Availability ==

ThunderKnight (talkcontribs)

Haha, I guess is what happens from copying one article to another.

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