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Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Uses TAGES Solidshield with a 5 machine activation limit.

Video Settings

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Input Settings

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Input lag where you steer but the car doesn't respond for a significant amount of time can be resolved by changing the DampeningEnabled="1" string to "0" in vehicleset_pc_custom_pad.xml and reselecting the "Custom" controller scheme in game.


A poster on No Grip Racing details numerous fixes for a number of problems here.

Should it be deleted, the text of the post is as follows:


  • low graphics quality
  • low FPS and stutters
  • input lag
  • poor FFB
  • cars feel like floating instead of driving on asphalt
  • AA not working
  • settings (car set-up, graphics) do not stick
  • Game will not start


  • Force AF to 16x through the gfx card driver
  • Edit DampeningEnabled="1" string to "0" in vehicleset_pc_custom_pad.xml and reselect controller scheme in game (to custom pad of course). Should work with custom wheel file as well. Disbale 'Allow Game To Adjust Settings' in Logitech Profiler.
  • FFB is different for sure in Shift 2. The one thing really missing is tyre grip in the FFB.
  • This is mostly caused by the default set-ups being very loose. See this thread how to tweak set-ups for more responsive handling.
  • Apparently AA in S2U is software-based that makes the 'classic' AA not work. With ATI cards, you can enable Morphological Filtering in the driver, this gives good AA but comes with a huge performance drop. For nVidia cards, read this thread.
  • To save a set-up, use the Shift button. However, there seems to be a bug in the game that reverts changed values to their old values.

System requirements

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