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User:Mars icecream

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Revision as of 14:04, 15 April 2019 by Mars icecream (talk | contribs)
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  • Fixbox should always have title and it should describe the method used, e.g. "modify a configuration file" or "use a launch parameter".
  • Add {{cn|}} ([citation needed]) when source is needed and missing.
  • ref=<ref>{{Refcheck|user=Mars icecream|date=2018-}}</ref>
  • sample "skip intro videos" fixbox (no wiki formatting, currently appears without line breaks):

===Skip intro videos=== {{Fixbox|description=Delete or rename files|ref=<ref>{{Refcheck|user=Mars icecream|date=2019-}}</ref>|fix= Delete or rename <code>filename</code> in <code>{{P|game}}</code>. }}

Skip intro videos

Delete or rename files[1]

Delete or rename filename in <path-to-game>.

User subpages

  1. Verified by User:Mars icecream on 2018-