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I've recently noted you reverted changes made by a reversion by BONKERS regarding your note that Tales of Zestiria is known to a "great port" on a GeForce GTX970. This is unusual, but it might have been acceptable had the reasoning been discussed prior on either BONKERS' talk page or in a discussion thread on the Tales of Zestiria talk page on this wiki - or even simply added an edit summary to your edit; instead, you simply reverted the reversion. Without an explanation, no one knows why you reverted the change or for what purpose and will have every reason to undo your reversion.
Please don't take this too harshly, though - I know you're new to PCGamingWiki, so a lot of this is new to you. I'm only pointing all this out so you don't get caught in a back-and-forth edit of the same part of a wiki article (known as an "edit war"). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or one of the regular editors, such as Garrett or Soeb, either on our talk pages or on the IRC (just click on the "IRC" button on the top-left of any PCGamingWiki page to use the IRC), and we'll be happy to help you as best we can.