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Code of conduct

PCGamingWiki always strives to be inclusive and welcoming. To better ensure this happens, we expect all of our users to abide by this simple code of conduct. Failing to uphold these rules of basic decency may lead to you being banned from the wiki. Not having read them is not an excuse for not following them.

For more information on specific violations, please refer to our Moderation guidelines.

Essential rules

  1. Be nice
    • When using our wiki, whether to find out how to fix a game or to add more information on how to fix it - always be nice!
  2. Be considerate
    • Not every editor is experienced with MediaWiki. Not everyone knows everything about computers. If you see someone making mistakes, try to kindly point them out and offer to help.
  3. Be open
    • Other users will edit the content you insert into pages. Sometimes they may even remove it. If you feel your solution was better, open a discussion page and exchange your ideas.


When engaged in any part of PCGamingWiki including the wiki, forum, Discord channel and comments, please follow these behavior guidelines:

  • Wiki pages are not the place to discuss any disagreements - discussions should take place on the forums, or relevant talk pages or on Discord.
  • Hateful language in casual use or targeted at specific groups/people, even on personal pages or outside of the wiki, will not be tolerated, including language that is sexist, transphobic or homophobic.
  • Harassment and hate will never be tolerated - behavior that is meant to incite hate towards others or harassment of others, whether on-site or off-site, will lead to an immediate and permanent ban.


  • No political discussion. Our community is made up of people from all around the world, however, we are united in one goal: to fix PC games. Discussing politics will only cause division which has no place in this community focused on PC gaming.
    The wiki may cover games which are inherently political in nature, but we are merely listing them for the sake of documentation - their existence on the site does not reflect a stance on any beliefs contained in the games. If you want to talk about politics, please do so outside of PCGamingWiki's platforms.[Note 1]


  • Do not engage in editing wars.
  • Sockpuppetry (see WP:Sockpuppetry refers to the misuse of multiple PCGW Accounts. PCGW users are expected to maintain a single PCGW account and only to use that account. It is improper to use multiple accounts to evade bans, disrupt discussions, distort concensus, avoid sanctions or violate our rules. This includes editing while not logged in (from an IP address).
  • Meatpuppetry (see WP:Sockpuppetry#Meatpuppetry refers to recruiting assistance of other individuals off-PCGW (outside of PCGamingWiki's Wiki, Forum or Discord) and this is considered another form of sockpuppetry.

What to do

If you have noticed any users participating in the above behavior, or feel targeted, please notify a moderator or administrator as soon as possible. If you’ve been harassed by any of our users, on- or off-site, please notify us. We will do our best to address the problem, and in the least remove the user from the site.

If your dispute is with a moderator and their behavior, raise your issue with Andytizer.


  1. We will forbid the discussion of political topics including (but not limited to): real-life politics, current political events, elections, conspiracy theories, etc.