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"Infobox_game" values

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After the End cover.jpg
Developers   Company:KraiSoft Entertainment
Available_on   Windows
Released   2004-12-08
Released_Windows   2004-12-08
Modes   Singleplayer
Pacing   Real-time
Perspectives   Bird's-eye view
Controls   Direct control
Genres   Action
Art_styles   Pre-rendered graphics
Themes   Space
StrategyWiki   After_the_End
License   commercial

"Video" values

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Widescreen_resolution   false
Multimonitor   false
Ultrawidescreen   false
4K_Ultra_HD   false
Field_of_view   false
Windowed   false
Borderless_fullscreen_windowed   false
Anisotropic_filtering   false
Antialiasing   false
Vsync   false
60_FPS   false
120_FPS   false
HDR   false
Ray_tracing   false
Color_blind   false

"Input" values

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Key_remapping   true
Mouse_acceleration   false
Mouse_sensitivity   false
Mouse_input_in_menus   true
Mouse_Y_axis_inversion   false
Touchscreen   unknown
Controller_support   false
Full_controller_support   unknown
Controller_support_level   false
Controller_remapping   unknown
Controller_sensitivity   unknown
Controller_Y_axis_inversion   unknown
XInput_controller_support   unknown
Xbox_prompts   unknown
Xbox_One_Impulse_Triggers   unknown
DualShock_4_controller_support   unknown
DualShock_prompts   unknown
DualShock_4_light_bar_support   unknown
DualShock_4_connection_modes   unknown
Tracked_motion_controllers   unknown
Tracked_motion_controller_prompts   unknown
Other_controller_support   unknown
Other_button_prompts   unknown
Controller_hotplugging   unknown
Controller_haptic_feedback   unknown
Simultaneous_input   unknown
Steam_Input_API_support   unknown
Steam_hook_input   unknown
Steam_Input_presets   unknown
Steam_Controller_prompts   unknown
Steam_Input_mouse_cursor_detection   unknown

"Audio_settings" values

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Separate_volume_controls   true
Surround_sound   true
Subtitles   false
Closed_captions   false
Mute_on_focus_lost   true

"L10n" values

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Language   English
Status   official
Interface   true
Audio   n/a
Subtitles   n/a

"API" values

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Direct3D_versions   8
Windows_32bit_executable   true
Windows_64bit_executable   false
Windows_ARM_app   unknown
macOS_Intel_32bit_app   unknown
macOS_Intel_64bit_app   unknown
macOS_ARM_app   unknown
Linux_32bit_executable   unknown
Linux_64bit_executable   unknown
Linux_ARM_app   unknown

"Tags" values

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Stub   false
Cleanup   false
Available_digitally   true
Config_data   false
Save_data   true
Settings_screenshots   true
Video_screenshots   false
Input_screenshots   false
Audio_screenshots   true
Network_screenshots   n/a
VR_screenshots   n/a

"Availability" values

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Available_from   Developer website
Available_from_historically   Developer website
Uses_DRM   Online activation
Developer_website_DRM   Online activation