Warhammer: Dark Omen

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Warhammer: Dark Omen
Warhammer: Dark Omen cover
Electronic Arts
Release dates
Windows March 1998
Series Warhammer
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Source DRM Notes Keys OS
Disc check (requires the CD/DVD in the drive to play)

Game data[edit]

Configuration file(s) location[edit]

System Location

Save game data location[edit]

System Location




Audio feature State Notes
Separate volume controls
Surround sound
Closed captions
Mute on focus lost


Language UI Audio Sub Notes
Brazilian Portuguese


Multiplayer types

Type Native Players Notes
Local play
LAN play
Online play
2 Versus

Issues fixed[edit]

Full 3D mode Fix[edit]

Only CPU mode works unless you apply the fix below
Full 3D mode Fix for modern Windows[1]
  1. Install Dark Omen with a Full Installation in Administrator Mode.
  2. Download this file and place it in the installation folder folder and overwrite everything
  3. Right click the 'EngRel 3d Fix &Extreme Camera zoom & Overhead Map.exe' file in <path-to-game>\PRG_ENG and select properties, then select the 'Compatibility' tab and select 'Run in 640x480 screen resolution and 'Run in 16bit Colors'. Also set compatibility to Windows 98.
  4. Run the game using the 'EngRel 3d Fix &Extreme Camera zoom & Overhead Map.exe' file


On Windows 7 'Run in 16bit Colors' is not a setting in the compatibility tab, so before starting the game right click the desktop, select screen resolution then 'Advanced Settings'. Then on the 'Monitor' tab change the colour settings to 16bit and select 'Apply'
All visual settings can be turned on except for Colored Cursors. That setting will crash the game!
The tutorial will seem like it doesn't recognize the camera movement at first, but keep doing it for a few minutes and the tutorial will move on.

Colored Cursor Fix[edit]

Colored Cursors Fix[citation needed]
  1. Download these files
  2. Copy files to <path-to-game>\Graphics\Cursors and replace all files


Make sure the colored cursors are 'off' in the graphics menu, as that settings crashes the game. This is a workaround of that crash that enables the colored cursors to work.

Other information[edit]


Technical specs Supported Notes
Executable 32-bit 64-bit Notes

System requirements[edit]

Operating system (OS) 95
Processor (CPU) Intel Pentium
System memory (RAM) 16 MB
Hard disk drive (HDD)
Video card (GPU) 2 MB of VRAM
DirectX 5 compatible
Other 4x CD-ROM drive