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A few things I noticed about the new homepage

Newmansan (talkcontribs)

How it displays for me

Just a few things of note:

  • Do we want the title bar to be at the very top of each section or do we want to leave that little spot of white space like we have now? Cause the white space as of now is inconsistent on most sections.
  • Could we get the title bar for Featured Guides to line up with Notable releases?
  • The blue title bar for News is just barely starting to eat the top-most news post.
  • The Blue title bar for Recent Changes is about to eat the date.

Other than that, it looks great!

Hungry eyes (talkcontribs)

Oh, only just noticed this stuff. yeah, its still a WIP - we are aware of all those issues!

ThanksĀ :)

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