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Hey there and welcome to the wiki!

I've been noticing for your recent edits common errors that have been addressed in either our Sample article or the Editing guide. If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you give both guides a look over at least once.

For example, in the Iesabel article you created:

  • The Infobox was missing some field elements. As mentioned in another edit, tables and article elements must be given in their entirety (unless specified otherwise). It's always possible that a Wikipedia article may be created in the future, and our own article should be ready to add in a link when the time comes.
  • Not every table field needs to be marked off. Some fields will only appear if they are marked to "True" or "Hackable". Again, read the Editing guide for specific details.
  • OS X is for the "modern" Apple operating system. Mac OS is for the "legacy" one. That being said, I'll need to address the recent branding change in the guide (OS X -> macOS). For now, use "OS X".
  • SteamOS is not an OS family. It's just another Linux distro and should be treated as such.

Otherwise, your edits are good. Keep it up!

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