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Garrett (talkcontribs)

I have updated the List of Freeware Games to list games automatically based on the new license parameter for the infobox template (this is a preliminary implementation so this parameter currently isn't documented in the editing guide etc.)

Diskersen (talkcontribs)


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Blackbird (talkcontribs)

Please replace the original images instead of duplicating them with incorrect naming.

Diskersen (talkcontribs)

The new image uses another file type. Replacing it would be impossible.

Blackbird (talkcontribs)

But that's not the case. You uploaded Left 4 Dead 2.jpg when original was Left 4 Dead 2 cover.jpg. Same with Dead Island Epidemic.jpg and Dead Island Epidemic cover.jpg. Both same file formats duplicated.

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Jigen123 (talkcontribs)

Amazon should only be listed if a digital version of the game is available. The "Retail" voice already includes all the physical versions of a game.
Thank you.

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Jigen123 (talkcontribs)

Hi, stop changing the pages for the wikis, please. It's better to list the main page of the wiki, not a game-specific one. Thank you.

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Blackbird (talkcontribs)

Please read the Editing guide!

  • The paths you added to several game pages are incorrect. \AppData\LocalLow\ cannot be accessed via %APPDATA% variable. Only way to get the proper path is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\ (as seen in the Game data part)
  • System requirements here have certain formatting that is meant to be kept (See System requirements)

Happy editing!

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