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Regarding your recent game additions

Expack3 (talkcontribs)

Firstly, thank you for adding availability to games which offer them! With so many games out there, it can be hard to keep track of all of them, so edits from users like you are greatly appreciated.

However, I noticed on some of your recent edits, such as for Trawl and Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox, when you added availability, there was support listed for an OS which wasn't in the release date part of the Infobox (the part of the article with developers, publishers, release dates, etc.). This generates an error in the article's availability table because it depends on having a release date given.

Don't worry, you're not in trouble or anything like that. :D It's just something I thought you should know for future edits. Also, this site has a comprehensive editing guide, which can be found at

CeradeX (talkcontribs)

Ok, thanks for the link.

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