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First of all, welcome to the wiki! I hope you're enjoying your time here.

However, I would like to ask you to in the future, upload over old images instead uploading an entirely new image for no reason. For example, you've changed the following:

File:Dishonored Coverart.jpgFile:DishonoredCover.jpg
File:Batman Arkham Knight - cover.jpgFile:BatmanArkhamKnight.jpg

Both could have been easily uploaded over the old file using the Upload a new version of this file button on the file's page, and in the second file's case, the original file name is preferred on the wiki. The reason we do this is to preserve the file history and make it easier to follow across edits.

If you need any help, feel free to ask here, in the forums, or in our IRC channel.

Thanks for understanding! -S

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