User:Suicide machine/Possible Seizure Inducing Video Games

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Note this is not backed with any scientific research. It's just a list of games, I started to work on, that contains games, that contain high-intensity strobing lights. It may possibly be used as a start-off point to classify those in the future... it might not - depends on whatever there is research to back it up and how others feel about it. Note that links will contain examples that may cause seizure attacks and should not be watched by people suffering from epilepsy.


Game title Explanation
Amid Evil The game features a strong screen flash by default when picking up items, but its intensity can be manually adjusted in options.
Butcher Heavy hologram flickering at level 3.
Cyberpunk 2077 Unsurprisingly it's very obnoxious with its visuals at multiple points... so much so that some reviewer ended up having a seizure.
Doom 64 Map 4 contains very strong flashing after picking up supercharge. Example
Halo 2: Anniversary Using energy weapons in dark areas using modern graphics, causes quite a big screen flash.
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Klingon Honor Guard Similar issues to Unreal. Some levels have strobing lights that are likely tied to framerate (eg. level 7a and Andorian club).
Superhot The effects of the screen being refreshed when subtitles pop up are generally mild, but some people complained about it.
Superhot: Mind Control Delete Identical as Superhot, except worse, as final segments of a story mode, have strong flashing lights, especially around the corruption segment.
Unreal Some levels contain strobing lights. The flickering frequency may be tied to framerate. - Example