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User:Suicide machine/Leaked Cancelled Video Games

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Game Title Year Developer Publisher Type of
leaked version
Black Death 2011 DarkWorks Prototype Demo
Cannibal Island 2001 Adano3dgame Production Demo
Duke Nukem Forever (2001) 2001 3D Realms Alpha Listing it here, since it is essentially a very different game than the garbage we've got. It is incomplete, it vomits Unreal Engine and is dated for 2001, but it's certainly better that the final product released 10 years later. Money well spent!
Galshell 2: Bullet Rain 2006 Artesneit Demo 3 Levels
Gorkamorka 2001 Ripcord Games Demo
Halo Online 2015 343 Industries
Saber Interactive
Microsoft Studios Unknown Salvaged by ElDewrito modding team, against the clear wishes of Microsoft. Too bad fuckas.
Hired Guns 2000 Psygnosis Beta
X-COM Alliance 2000 MicroProse Hasbro Interactive Beta 086
Beta 219
Beta 220
Jazz Jackrabbit 3 2000 World Tree Games Alpha
Macrolepsis: Sevenor 2011 Visiar Alpha
Redline 2 2000 Beyond Games Infogrames Proof of Concept Demo
Project Overdrive 2000 Vistage Buka Entertainment Pre-Release Candidate
Seed 2000 Human Soft Beta Demo #2
Soldier 2000 Sinister Games South Peak Interactive Full version
Sabotage 2003 Insane Logics Alpha
Surreal System 2013 Flying M Games Beta Demo
Survival 2008 Affectworks Demo
Star Wars Battlefront III 2008 Free Radical Design LucasArts Beta
StarCraft: Ghost 2003 Nihilistic Software Blizzard Entertainment Unknown Xbox prototype Leaked February 2020. Apparently partially playable with CXBX.
Stargate Worlds 2010 Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment FireSky Beta
The Tickle People 2000 Lonnie Flickinger Chiselbrain Software Demo
Unreal (PSX) 2000 Pterodactyl Software Ltd Playable Beta
Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans 1997 Blizzard Entertainment, Animation Magic Beta
X-Isle: Dinosaur Island 2001 Crytek Tech Demo