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What's it purpose?[edit]

  • Original installer for Hype: The Time Quest doesn't work correctly on Windows 7 and 8, which are now used by the majority of gamers. The purpose of the alternative installer is to have an automated solution for installing the game, which can be safety distributed without being worried that a publisher or developer wants it taken down, as it looks for a Hype CD on user's PC and copies files directly from it. Installer also comes with nGlide 3dfx wrapper and few minor compatibility fixes, which should simplify the installation process to minimum.

Where can I download it?[edit]

You can download it here.

Who contributed to that installer?[edit]

  • Most notably Triangle717 and Bgbennyboy, who are responsible for a code that searches for files on CD as well as a huge part of the original installer script, that I've modified for the needs of this installer.
  • Zeus Software, as this installer uses nGlide wrapper to solve most of potential compatibility errors, that can pop up, when using old and unsupported Direct3D6 renderer.

Known issues[edit]

Error: The source file "X:\Gamedata\World\Sound\<language>\*" does not exist[edit]

  • This happens, if you choose a wrong language during the installation. Basically how it works is it copies files from X:\Gamedata\World\Sound\<language>\*, so if you have a German version of the game, please choose German in the components section of the installer, if you have Polish, choose Polish etc.

Vidoes not being played[edit]

  • Alternative installer doesn't copy videos from CD. Futhermore, its config file sets PlayVideo=0. This is because, nGlide crashes when after playing an intro movie. I've discovered, that dgVoodoo is capable of playing an intro and not crashing, in addition to allowing player to enable MSAA. However, due to it's system requirement, I've decided not to implement it in installer. If you want Videos being played - copy them manually from CD, install dgVoodoo (without DirectDraw) and set PlayVideo=0 in %WINDIR%\UbiSoft\ubi.ini.

The game doesn't start on Windows XP[edit]

  • You don't need this installer for Windows XP. Turns out some of the compatibility fixes may cause problems on Windows XP. So, if you somehow tried using it on Windows XP, navigate to a folder where you've installed the game, to a folder Comp and launch PatchUninstall.bat.

To do[edit]

  • Add licence.