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  • While at it, consider developing a stance on punctuation in game titles. An earlier game of a series may have a colon in its title but a newer one may not. Do we stick to the official title or adjust it for consistency?
  • Other information improvements to limit the scope, as opposed to allowing "anything" to be documented under that section, which is prone to excess.
  • Finally implement a way to cover features like 32:9, DualSense support, and VR headsets such as the Valve Index, proposed by other contributors and discussed over a long time.
  • Address the need to always manually purge the file page for a new thumbnail to appear after a file update (discussed with snuxoll in November 2020). The issue has resulted in files stuck with old thumbnails appearing in articles for years.
  • Define microtransactions strictly as in-game purchases (similar to the Microsoft Store approach) to remove the element of subjectivity from attempting to define what is and what is not a microtransaction. The idea was good on paper but has proven to be unrealistic, with just a handful of games with out-of-game DLC marked as microtransactions by non-staff contributors.