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It's been a long time.

Hello. I'm Netko, I come from Croatia and I really like this wiki. Every time, whenever I find an issue and oftentimes before I start a game, I come here to check if there are any enhancements, fixes, basically any useful information. I used to contribute a lot more to this wiki, but for a year, I came periodically to this site, only contributing whenever I felt like it (which was by then a lot rarer). While I don't fully think that I have returned, I will try to update all the articles I made contributions to, possibly fix mistakes that I've made and overall try to frequent PCGW more.

Down below you will find articles I've significantly contributed to:

Notable contributions[edit]

I've also done some minor edits to other pages like Fallout, 7th Legion, Street Fighter IV, Tropico 3 and more.