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Disable device during gameplay/hide controller from game[edit]

This is useful for games that have conflicts with certain devices.
This is also useful for using keyboard and mouse input with games that force controller mode when one is connected with no way of changing back without actually disconnecting the controller.
Set up batch file
  1. Download DevManView for x64 systems (use the first download link for 32-bit Windows versions).
  2. Extract it somewhere convenient.
  3. Run Notepad and paste in the following:
    @cd /d "%~dp0"
    devmanview-x64 /disable "Device Name"
    "Path to Game EXE"
    devmanview-x64 /enable "Device Name"
  4. Replace Device Name with the device name and Path to Game EXE with the full game path (both must be in quotes).
  5. Save this as a batch file (.bat) alongside the extracted DevManView files.
  6. Make a shortcut to the batch file somewhere convenient.
  7. Set the shortcut to run as an administrator (right click, Properties, Advanced button) or you'll get multiple UAC prompts instead of just one.
  8. Using this shortcut will disable the device, launch the game and then re-enable the device as soon as you exit the game.
For 32-bit Windows versions use the 32-bit DevManView download and replace both instances of devmanview-x64 with devmanview.