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I don't know where to go to have these discussions

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The way TAA works in this game is bizarre, I can't seem to change how it behaves ghosting wise with my usual engine.ini tweaks. By default the TAA really smears transparencies a lot and generally has a very blurry appearance.

No amount of tonemapper or temporal sharpening I add to engine.ini really cleans it up and with no AA on the game is very aliased and has these weird white dot artifacts over certain models (plants in the lobby of the first part after the prologue) when they occlude a light source.

This is running at 4K but I feel like the game is scaling the image because it doesn't look clean enough for 4K. If I add in screenpercentage to engine.ini I'm not able to supersample the image either, it gets ignored.

Turning on TAA fixes the white dots and softens the aliasing but has the over the top blurriness. I was able to make DQ11 and Spongebob BfBB looks stellar with some tweaks, DQ was running at 4K and BfBB was 4K + 1.2 screenpercentage so its not like they were running a lot higher internal resolutions or anything. If I use DSR to go above 4K the aliasing is even worse.

Any help/advice here? (talkcontribs)

Sorry for reacting with a rant, but I didn't know where to write this either. I know it's a staple of modern Unreal Engine games, but I was really shocked by the poor quality of the antialiasing in this game. TAA looks dreadful, it visibly makes the image far worse... in the end I decided to disable all AA.

I have no idea why games don't all provide supersampling capabilities by default, at least to let the people with capable hardware get a quality increase out of it. If you find a way to enable it, hope you can add it here!

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