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Debug build (dated March 22, 2017)

Aemony (talkcontribs)
Owners can download a debug build of the game dated to March 22, 2017 10:31:47 UTC. This version includes separate and more extensive debug menus, with an event teleporter along with achievement and save editors. Achievement removal is also possible. This version is outdated and should not be used for regular play. It is included here for completion's sake as it might be relevant for modders or some players.
A full additional game download is required so 50 GB free space is required on the drive the depot build gets downloaded to.
Controller is required to access some of the debug menus.
Use DepotDownloader to download the debug version[1]
Disclaimer: The tool requires your Steam username, password, and Steam Guard authentication token to function. PCGamingWiki cannot make any guarantees regarding the safety of the tool. Use at your own risk!
  1. Download the latest version of DepotDownloader and extract it to any location.
    • By default downloads will be stored in a subfolder of DepotDownloader so be sure to extract it to a drive with enough space to download all files (50 GB).
  2. Navigate to the extraction target folder where DepotDownloader.exe is located.
  3. Hold down Shift and right click in the folder itself, without selecting any specific files.
  4. If done correctly a few new option will be available in the context menu
  5. Select the Open Powershell window here option.
  6. Enter the .\DepotDownloader.exe -app 524220 -depot 524221 -manifest 1677719970409151957 -username <username> -password "<password>" -validate command with relevant info:
    • <username> is your Steam username (not to be confused with your profile name).
    • <password> is the password of your Steam account.
    • -dir <installdir> can also be used to specify a custom download target folder.
  7. If the account is protected using Steam Guard, the window will prompt for the two-factor authentication code displayed on your authenticator app.
  8. If executed properly the console will say:
    Downloading depot <depot-id> - <depot description>
  9. Wait for the download to complete. Do not close the window or shut down the computer as this will terminate the download!
  10. When the download is finished the following line will be printed in the console:
    Depot <depot-id> - Downloaded <size> bytes
  11. The downloaded files will be saved in the specified folder, typically in a subfolder called depots\<depot-id>\<build-id> below DepotDownloader.
  12. Open indicated download folder. You can now move the contents of the folder to a more proper location.
  13. Run NieRAutomata.exe from the folder to launch the debug build.
  14. After the intros have played use RB+Back on a controller to open the debug pages. Some settings requires the A button to be held down while using +++ on the controller to change the value. Others use the keyboard and +++, PageUp+PageDown, or Enter to navigate.
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