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Anonymous (talkcontribs)

Started making some edits, using autoexec.cfg mostly. There is a lot of mentions of unnamedsoldier.cfg, and newconfig.cfg. It seems to me that you can effectively have asd.cfg, not_a_file.cfg, or others. It's more about the '.cfg' extention.

Autoexec.cfg seems to be common, although possibly not a standard per say. Much easier to maintain than modifying the auto-generated unnamedsoldier.cfg, though.

Haven't found any definitive documentation about all the possible options, so best effort on some options.

Compact (talkcontribs)

I edited rest of the sections to point to autoexec.cfg. Autoexec is quite standard in ID tech engine and its modifications and this file is usually loaded automatically, hence it's name, as a last cfg. Game also never writes to this file.

Anonymous (talkcontribs)

I see you have made a lot of improvements, great job!

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